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I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) who also has a national board certification for certified counselors (NCC).   I own and operate my own private practice called Schwartz Therapy + Wellness, P.C. in Bingham Farms, MI; my philosophy for therapy is, "small steps every day", this phrase means we are working to take a step forward on your path to understanding yourself. That step is a step of exploration to assist you in becoming a more self aware person. It is a small step, not a leap, nor a run, the point is that little by little you are making a conscious effort to keep moving forward on your journey in life.

I typically work with individuals who are affected by depression, anxiety, and mild to severe mood and/ or personality disorders. I have recently expanded my practice to include testing + assessments, offer weekly groups and medication management services.   From time to time, Louie and/ or Fiona, my cage free + litter trained house rabbit/s will be in the office to visit.

With my small steps every day approach to therapy, together we can improve self-destructive behaviors, thoughts, and habits, resolve painful feelings, and improve relationships in your life.

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